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A Revolution of Digital Artistry

Welcome home!

Wed Jun 18, 2014, 7:48 AM by NightsongWS:iconnightsongws:

Setting Clouds by Aarki

Setting Clouds

by Aarki, Our Featured Artist

Runtime DNA, Inc.

A Revolution of Digital Artistry

Runtime DNA is a thriving digital community in the 3D/Poser industry.  By continually creating refreshing digital content, offering technical expertise from top industry leaders, and providing a nurturing learning environment for its user base, DNA succeeds in bringing together artists from all over the world in a highly charged and very positive atmosphere.

Welcome home!

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Group Membership Guidelines

    Joining the Group:
  • You may join the group by pressing the "Join" link at the top of the page.
  • Anyone may join as a Member and those requests are automatically approved.

    Joining as a RuntimeDNA Vendor:
  • If you are a RuntimeDNA Vendor, you may join as a Contributor. When you submit your application, please a statement that you are a vendor and include your vendor name at RuntimeDNA.  Once your identity has been confirmed, your application will be approved.
  • You may always send us a note if you are having any difficulty with your application or would like to inquire as to your status.

    Member Conduct:
  • Please keep all comments upon artwork, journal entries, and elsewhere in the group polite and constructive.
  • If you come across any problems with the site, copyright violations, or other problems requiring administrator assistance, please send us a note.

Our Founder:


Our Group Admins:


Gallery Submission Guidelines

    Submitting Artwork:
  • You must be a member of the group to submit your own artwork.
  • All artwork must abide by the deviantArt Terms of Service.
  • All artwork must be submitted to the appropriate gallery folders.  (When in doubt, ask us or pick the most likely one.)
  • You may submit up to ten  (10) pieces of artwork each week.
  • All artwork must be final images, not works-in-progress.
  • All artwork must be of a certain level of quality.  Please submit your best work.
  • Artwork must be 3D or mixed-media containing 3D.
  • If you use stock or other resources, please credit the originating artist.  For deviantArt stock artists, especially, please respect any rules the individual stock artists have.
  • All artwork is moderated and approval is ultimately up to the staff's discretion.

    In Addition, for Vendor Product Artwork:
  • RuntimeDNA Vendors with Contributor status have no upload limits.  You may submit as many images as you like!
  • Please submit artistic product renders to "Vendor Showcase."
  • Please do not submit artwork to "Vendor Features."  That is a special category set aside for sales, interviews, and other events.

    Suggesting Artwork:
  • Only members of the group may suggest the artwork of others.
  • Please remember that artwork suggestions are contingent upon the approval of both the group administrators and the original artist who made the artwork.  There are many reasons the artwork may not show up right away.

Our Amazing Vendors!


Vendors list is updated manually.  If you don't see yourself on the list within a day or two of being accepted as a Group Vendor, feel free to note one of the Group Administrators.

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News journal skin is by Ikue
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Many thanks to Neg0ne, im-not-sana and CypherVisor for CSS tutorials.

It's the beginning of the end of the ecliptic "Comin' out of the Dark" sale!  

As the first waves of the "Comin' out of the Dark" sale come to a close, we look forward to the current best sellers...

Best Sellers on Monday July 28th, 2014































Challenge Deadline Extended!

Challenge Goers, you now have until August 6th to finish your entries in this month's "Fireflies and Lightning Bugs" Challenge!!!   The awesome Seachnasaigh on the forums has even provided everyone with a free firefly prop -- check out the forum thread for more info, and don't forget to thank Seachnasaigh!!!!

Journal Skin by Ikue

DNA-Deviants - A Stamp for RuntimeDNA! by NightsongWS

The Final Hours!!!!

Sat Jul 26, 2014, 8:46 PM by NightsongWS:iconnightsongws:

As the sands in the hourglass run out on the special coupons and sales celebrating the rebuilding of the RuntimeDNA site, we being you a true cornucopia of releases, re-releases, features, and DEALS!!  Catch them THIS WEEKEND before the time runs out!

A Bad Kitteh Co Extravaganza!!!!

BadKittehCo, the master (or is it mistress??) of details, is BACK with an all-new upgrade to the original, the classic:  TOOLGIRL 2.0!!!   Look at those details!!!


   ToolGirl Detail
by BadKittehCo





Along with the eternal classic, she's also brought with her an all-new, refreshed look to the classic Cowboy Sweetheart, Welder Girl, and Flash for Welder -- the amazing texture bundle by BadKittehCo and Surreality!











   Cowgirl Posse
by BadKittehCo


I can tell you from experience, those outfits are useful for everything from gritty cyberpunk to saucy pinups!  The best part?  How they work together!  BadKittehCo builds morphs into each one of her outfits so that they can layer and blend interchangeably.  It's too fun to work with!

The Beauty... the Strength

With an array of fantastically crafted clothing comes beautifully painted textures that encompass a spectrum of possibilities!  Sweet, lighthearted beauties vie for attention with rugged (yet handsome!) warriors, each determined to make their place in YOUR content libraries!!











   Men of Candaigua
by Zaarin1 (Blackthorn)








Timeless Outfits and Accessories

From dresses to archers, to swimsuits and jewels, there is something here that you don't want to lose!




























An Adorable Onslaught!

The cutie creators have been sewing their hearts out to put together a bundle of products for your favorite toon and youthful figures!!! These colorful sets are not to be missed!





































A Touch of Fantasy

The only group of content creators to out beat the adorable onslaught would be those who created for unicorns... but be on the lookout to make sure you've got the right set for the software you're after!  The helpful souls who put the shader packs together tailored individual color sets for each set of software!









































































The Light...

... it dazzles, it blinds!  It brings life to our scenes and creatures divine!






















It's a Jungle!

This bamboo-inspired outfit is truly unique, giving colorful flair to your lost maidens and jungle-swingers!











   Ony Tribal
by Aeon--Soul


The land of DRAGONS!

The majestic mega-release that kicked off the amazing sale and the release of the new site continues for ONE day!  Catch these by Sunday night while they're still on sale!!!





   The Swarm
by Aarki












   Sapphire and Bronze
by Aarki









   Keeper of Beasts
by AnnaBenjamin












   Keeper of Beasts
by AnnaBenjamin
























































































Wait.  You're still here?  Why are you still here?  Reading this silly journal??  Don't you know you should head on over to the RuntimeDNA store to look at the details for each one of these products?   There's so much information packed into each product page, it'd be impossible to come even close to listing all of that info here!  Get on over and revel in the final hours of eclipse:  We're coming out of the dark for GOOD!

Journal Skin by Ikue

DNA-Deviants - A Stamp for RuntimeDNA! by NightsongWS

The Sweetest Adventure!

Fri Jul 25, 2014, 8:17 PM by NightsongWS:iconnightsongws:


We've got a whole lot of new products for you, starting with the latest from RDNA Pro: Littlefox and Secretheart's magic strikes again!!!!

Mad as a... Hattie!

She's as sweet as pie and as charming as a can be: She's Hattie Madder, the newest in the series of adorable releases from the workbench of Littlefox and the looms of AnnaBenjamin (Secretheart).  Don't let that smile fool you, though: she's also the fiery tempest of a spoiled princess and she's sure to let you know it!


   Off With Her Head
by AnnaBenjamin











Hattie's cousin rules the world of clockwork and gears with this add-on from Spiritfoxy!!









   We're All Mad Here!
by AnnaBenjamin


Adventure Awaits!

What's this do we see?  A new adventurer and centaurs to do battle!!!   In one corner, we have an all-new standalone figure from Ile-Avalon, the CENTAUR!   He's part of a full-featured set with poses, props, the whole works all wrapped up into one sweet package!  In the other corner, we have Balverk:  the Everyman.  He's seen it all, he knows all the tricks, he's been there and back again, and lived to tell the tale.  Twice.

Who will you place YOUR bets on??









Bring in the...

What's that, you say?  You prefer your adventures with a macabre twist?  Well then we've still got something for you!  To celebrate the third year since Stan's release, Mortem Vetus presents us with an all new freebie, designed just for him!








Designed just for the man himself: Stan!  While you're checking out Stan, don't forget he's got some pretty nifty add-ons of his own that're still on sale!










A Clean Sweep!

This one is just for Poser users:  A full suite of utilities designed with content creators in mind!   The Master Artificer himself, Netherworks of Netherworks Studios, has crafted a set of tools that are designed to speed up the process of getting your products (and freebies!) ready for the store, saving you both time and energy (and grey hair!) during the normally time-consuming process of checking and packing your products!

What's that you say?  No interest in selling or sharing your work?  Well that's ok, too, because Netherworks has also put together "Runtime Rodent," a standalone utility that is useful for anyone to manage multiple runtimes, as a separate RealDeal!  (This product comes bundled as part of Creator's Toybox!)  Isn't he the sweetest??









The Week Ahead

Keep an eye peeled here for more information, updates, and an all-new featured artist from RuntimeDNA!!

Journal Skin by Ikue

DNA-Deviants - A Stamp for RuntimeDNA! by NightsongWS
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Runtime DNA is a thriving digital community in the 3D/Poser industry!
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